meet the team


Owner/Loreal. Technical Consultant. Teaching and Events

* 15 years of experience
* Specialist aspects of hairdressing
* Works for Loreal teaching events
* Colour specialist degree + array of courses level 2 + 3

"Lives, sleeps, breathes hairdressing, love it! Passionate about every day I work, it's an amazing hobby, it is sociable & creative pleasure to work within the Genesis team."



* 4 years experience
* Specialist in all aspects
* Array of completed courses
* Helps with the training programmes
* Committed team member
"Love spending time with clients and team, like to have fun and this job certainly fulfills that, especially with such a good team."


Manager/Trainer/Senior Stylist

* Used to be fulltime manager, however is now part time after birth of her child
* 6 years experience
* Committed & Enthusiastic team member

"Love the team and atmosphere, great release from everyday life, love the clientelle."


Senior Stylist

* 15 years experience
* Committed & Enthusiastic team member
* Loves all aspects of hairdressing

"Chose career very young age, and haven't looked back! I can safely say I love working every single day as part of a creative team."



* 5 years experience
* Was nail tech, changed career not long ago.
* Only perfection will do for Sam
* Committed and confident

"Never thought I would find a career that could inspire and fulfill me everyday. Enjoy making clients feel and look great. I get satisfaction out of my job"



* 3 years experience, all aspects
* Funky and funloving
* Courses under belt
* Committed and always eager to learn more

"I love this job because I get to express my creative side through the way I look and the way I make others look and feel"



* Treatment and Product Specialist
* Genesis / Loreal training
* Reception
* Assists all Stylists


Junior Stylist

* 3 years experience
* Starting out
* Great organiser

"Spring boarding my way into my career, love working in a strong team environment"